Beloved Body Wellness Challenge #1

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Welcome to the first official Beloved Body Wellness Challenge! My SF gal pals got a little taste of these challenges last year and I’m excited to not only bring them back but to include even more people! The goals of these challenges are to find easy ways to squeeze in wellness activities during the day, to provide motivation to take care of yourself, and to recognize/celebrate how these activities can help you live a healthier, happier life. If you’re interested in learning more, I hope you’ll check out my post from last week.

Beloved Body Wellness Challenge #1: Join the Quad Squad

Alignment tips: feet about hip-width apart, knees directly above your ankles, try to get your thighs parallel to floor (creating a 90-degree angle) but if you can’t get that low, that’s ok. For extra resistance, hold a baby on your lap 😉
  • Challenge: 3 minutes of wall sits for 4 days
    • Can be broken up into any time increments (e.g., 3 sets of one-minute wall sits, 6 sets of 30-second wall sits, 12 sets of 15-second wall sits)
    • Suggestion on how to squeeze this into your day:
      •  1 minute in the morning while brushing your teeth, 1 minute in the afternoon in your office at work or at home, and 1 minute at night while brushing your teeth
  • Duration: Complete the above exercise 4 days this week (can be any 4 days between Monday, April 11 and Sunday, April 17)
  • Main muscle(s) worked: Quadriceps
  • Alignment Tips: See photo
  • Why is it important to strengthen our quads? They do almost everything! They help us sit down, stand up, ride a bike, walk, run, go up the stairs
  • Need an incentive? If you complete the challenge, leave a comment on this blog by 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, April 18 and you will be entered to win something fun.

Who’s joining the quad squad this week?!


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