How Did It Go? Wellness Challenge #1

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This post is being published a week later than I wanted it to. But that’s life, right? We have to be flexible and patient. (That’s what I’m telling myself). Some other important activities took priority – visiting family and friends in Kansas City, working and taking care of a sick toddler.

I will say I’m thankful I issued the first wellness challenge the week of our trip because it forced me to get some exercise, when I otherwise wouldn’t have. And knowing you all were out there doing it too held me accountable. One day, I had to do the challenge at 11:30 p.m. (30 minutes to spare!) for the whole three minutes. I really just wanted to go to bed BUT was glad I did the wall sits … when I was done.

How did it go for you? Were you able to complete some of the challenge? All of it? How did you squeeze the wall sits into your day?

My friend Alex shared this pic on Instagram.

Mother-daughter wall sits! My friend Alex and her baby participating in the first Beloved Body Wellness Challenge.
Mother-daughter wall sits! My friend Alex shared the following on Instagram: “Squeezing in some wall sits as this cutie fights her nap!! #legsonfire #strongwomen”

She and her adorable daughter did the challenge together. Another inspiring friend did her wall sits while pumping (yes, that kind of pumping) at work. Talk about productivity – making food for your baby while working those legs!

If you weren’t able to join in last time, I hope you join in next time.

Next Wellness Challenge:  Starts tomorrow! Check back for the scoop.

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