Step Up – Wellness Challenge #3

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I’m sending a virtual high-five to everyone who completed the last challenge (walking 30 minutes with a pal). Thank you for sharing photos of your walks, commenting on the blog, and congrats to Molly and Tiff for being randomly selected from the blog responses to win a prize!

One other note before we dive into BBWC #3. If you don’t complete a challenge, the LAST thing I want you to feel is guilt. We all put enough pressure on ourselves and feel guilty about a lot of things. This shouldn’t be one of them. These challenges are here to inspire and motivate positive wellness habits. Good habits take awhile to build. Bad habits take awhile to break. So, we just need practice, inspiration, and reminders, right? That’s what this blog is for. So, the next time you don’t complete a full challenge, don’t sweat it. Congratulate yourself for what you DID do and then try again next time. Deal?


Ahhhh, Step Up. What a great movie! What’s funny is that my husband has seen more of the sequels (yes, there are five of them!) than me. He has an affinity for watching terrible movies (he’ll admit it). So, Step Up is the name of our challenge this week, but don’t worry – it doesn’t involve dancing.

Two-part Challenge: 

  1. When you are presented with the option of elevator or stairs, take the stairs.
  2. 50 Step-ups – Use a step on a front porch, a curb, a park bench, a sturdy step stool, etc.

    Hadley's step stool was inspiration for this challenge.
    Hadley’s step stool was inspiration for this challenge.

Duration: 5 times (5 sets of 50) between Monday, May 9 and Sunday, May 15


  • Make sure to place your entire foot on the “step” whenever you step up
  • Stomping louder doesn’t mean you’re working harder 😉 Try to step without sounding like a herd of elephants. You’ll control/work your muscles even more when doing so.
  • If you want to add cardio to this exercise, either choose a taller step – like a park bench – or jog up and down instead of stepping.
  • If you tend to take your first step with your right foot, switch about halfway through the set (at 25 steps) and lead with your left foot.

Main Muscles Worked: When walking stairs, you use multiple muscles in your legs and into your hips and core. Here is a cool video from The Fitness Show that shows the muscles working when climbing stairs. According to their video description, when a muscle is contracting to help you move, it lights up in green.

Share: I’d love to see pics of what you’re stepping on or a pic of you completing the challenge! Tag @belovedbody on Instagram or email me a photo at

Incentive: If you complete the challenge, leave a comment on this blog by 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, May 16 and you will be entered to win something fun.

More Info/Previous Challenges:

Have a great week!


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