Ms. Procastinator – BBWC #3 Recap

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Monday of last week: “I’ll start the “Step Up” wellness challenge tomorrow.” Tuesday: “I’ll start the wellness challenge tomorrow. I still have five days left in the week.” Wednesday: “I’ll start the wellness challenge tomorrow and just double up on exercises.” Fast forward to yesterday (Sunday): “Well, I guess I’ll be doing all 250 step-ups today.”

That’s basically how my wellness challenge went last week. Yesterday, I got in 50 step-ups at the park with Scott and Hadley and then finished the last 200 on Hadley’s step stool next to her bath tub while she was playing in the bath.

How did the challenge go for you? Comment by 11:59 p.m. ET tonight for a chance to win a little treat.

Walking the Lyon Steps with a buddy on my back.


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