The New Wellness Warrior … Not Who You’d Expect

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have the mentality that in order for exercise to count, it has to be an hour long at a gym, in a workout class, or running outside. And if I can’t fit in what I just outlined, then I should just forget about exercising all together. But that’s not true.

Living a life of wellness does not mean you need to live your life in the gym.

Our new Wellness Warrior probably has never set foot in a gym.

Or slid on a pair of Lululemon cropped workout pants.

But she’s the epitome of living a life of wellness.

A Spanish woman walks to a lighthouse on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
A Spanish woman walks to a lighthouse on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Yes, the woman in this picture is our Wellness Warrior. Twelve years ago, I ‘met’ her – or rather ran after her trying to snap a photo with my massive digital camera – while I was studying abroad in Alicante, Spain. A group of my new friends and I had taken a train to a nearby town and hiked to a beautiful lighthouse on the Mediterranean coast. Even for us young, energetic college kids, the hike was long and tiring, and here was this older woman with a cane just rocking it.

She’s a Wellness Warrior because she demonstrates that you don’t need certain clothes, or to be young, or even to move fast to live a life of fitness and wellness. I’m guessing walking and enjoying the world on foot –instead of behind a screen – has always been a part of her life.

Let’s use this woman – whose name I don’t even know – to inspire us to add more exercise into our daily activities so the world becomes our gym.

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