What’s Your Health Hurdle? (BBWC #6)

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BBWCshoesThe next Beloved Body Wellness Challenge (BBWC) is a bit different than those previous. It’s going to be super personal and customized to you. It’s going to run a bit longer than normal. It’s the most important challenge we’ve done yet.

Challenge: Identify a habit or a mindset (or both) that’s a health hurdle for you. Something that keeps you from being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Then think about why it’s a hurdle for you and what you can do to try to leap over the hurdle. Throughout October, we’ll work on making that leap.

Need an example?

My health hurdle is the TV and a lack of moderation when it comes to sweets. In other words, I overeat sweets, especially when I’m watching TV.

A big health goal of mine is moderation.  I want to be a positive example for daughter. I want her to see me eating real, healthful food the majority of the time, but also sprinkling in other other food that I like on occasion. In my opinion, life is too short to not enjoy a gooey, cheesy bite of pizza, or a lick of cold, sweet ice cream.

I don’t want a single food to be off limits for her. For me, the moment in high school when certain foods became off limits (because I made them so), my struggle with food began. I’m at a much better and healthier place today, but I still have little struggles.

For example, I find comfort and relaxation eating my nightly dessert while watching one of my favorite shows. However, the longer I sit watching a show, the more trips I make to the pantry. My serving of Brownie Brittle all of a sudden turns into an entire bags. Oops. Moderation down the toilet.

I’ve read in many articles that eating (anything) while watching TV can be a big culprit for overeating, because we’re not being mindful of the food, our satiety, etc. I know if I truly want to get to a place of moderation, I have to break my dessert/TV habit. Now, don’t go thinking I’m giving up my serving of dessert, but for this challenge, if I want to eat dessert at night, I have to eat it at the kitchen table WITHOUT the TV on or any other distraction. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now that you know about my health hurdle, what’s yours?

Timeframe: Our usual challenges run for a week, but this challenge runs the entire month of October.

Share: Want some accountability? Comment below and share your hurdle/solution so we can all help cheer you on throughout October. Or post on Instagram (@belovedbody). If you have a hurdle but not sure how to leap over it, share as well and I can help provide suggestions.

We’ve got a few more days until Oct. 1 so you have some time to think. I look forward to going through this challenge with all of you!


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  1. I love this idea! I have the same hurdle – after a long, stressful day I find it comforting to have a dessert while watching TV. It’s SO easy to end up going back for seconds with the distraction of the TV allowing for mindless eating. I would love to do this challenge with you throughout October 🙂


  2. Mine is probably not preparing ahead of time… i end up eating out more often, and while I usually try to make nutritious choices, I don’t always succeed. Besides being a health hurdle, it’s expensive!
    You inspired me to really think about a health hurdle and how to change, and this is something that feels attainable to me… plan ahead, and fix my breakfast/lunch the night before work, so I’m not eating out as much 👍


    1. Thanks for sharing! I bet this a common hurdle for a lot of people. If you have a fridge at work, you could think about bringing in some items at the beginning of the week, that you’d use all week (e.g., a bag of salad, a container of cottage cheese, etc.) Good luck and let us know how it goes!


  3. I’ve actually been thinking about this all weekend — thanks so much for provoking my thoughts! I think my health hurdle right now is sleep — I’m either in feast or famine mode. I have no pattern and the only time I have to workout is in the mornings, so if I’m in famine mode there is no way I’m waking up an hour early to work out! So for this month I’m going to try and establish a sleep pattern — going to bed by 10:30 p.m. and waking up at 5:30 a.m. — to give me more time in the mornings to workout or meditate or catch up on emails — whatever I need to get a jump start on my day! Please help hold me accountable! 🙂


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