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How often do you passively consume media? I do it a lot. I read what streams down my news feed. This isn’t necessarily bad, but I often find myself reading things that don’t really make a difference in my life (i.e., non-educational/informative info or info that’s the opposite of what I want my life to be about).

That’s why I created the Worth Reading Round-Up. So that I – and others – can consciously consume content that makes us feel empowered and simply feel better at the end of the article than we felt at the beginning.

So here’s the latest edition!

My favorite quote from this article:

“I want to be able to pick up the heavy boxes when I move. I want to be able to carry all my grocery bags to my third-floor apartment in one trip—like my single mom of four kids did. And if I’m ever hanging off the edge of a cliff, I want to be damn certain that I can pull myself up! I’m happy to look beautiful and feminine, as long as being strong, capable, and fierce are included in that definition.” —Emily Saul, co-leader of November Project Boston

What were your favorite quotes or ideas from these articles/podcast?


Amy – @belovedbody


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  1. I loved all of these… but especially Emily Saul’s commentary…. “My body just wasn’t built to be skinny.” I remind myself of that ALL THE TIME. For me, exercise is (of course!) to stay healthy and be my best self, but also motivation to try new things and challenge myself in new ways. Thanks for sharing Amy!!!

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