Worth Reading: A marathoner who doesn’t look like a marathoner, a pasta cookbook and more.

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I should start this post by acknowledging I don’t deserve credit of “author” for this one. Yes, I’m typing these words right now, but the articles below were curated by others. My cousin Tiffany devours information – she’s a super smart gal – and passes along tons of great articles to me (like #2 & #3 below), and my husband reads lots of sports articles, so I have him to thank for #1. It makes me happy that people think of Beloved Body when they read stories about body image, body love, etc. So, THANK YOU to Tiffany and Scott for the articles below. And please, if you find an article you think I and Beloved Body readers would like, send it my way.

Happy Reading!

Worth-reading Roundup

  1. Race of a Lifetime” by Nick Marino (ESPN.com) – This is a fascinating story about a kick-ass marathoner who doesn’t “look” like a marathoner and who has used her overnight success to promote body positivity. At one point in the story, she travels to Kenya to train and this occurs …
    • “Kenya had challenged her to do something almost as hard as running itself: detach how she looked from how she felt and prioritize the stopwatch over the scale.”

  2. What Happened When I Started Intuitive Eating” by Kelsey Miller (A Cup of Jo) – When my cousin sent me this article, I was so excited! I’m on the Intuitive Eating (IE) journey but thought IE was something mainly talked about in the therapy/disordered eating world. I mean, it’s not on the cover of “Shape” or “Pop Sugar Fitness” (probably because it’s not a diet). So, I was thrilled to see the topic covered on a popular blog – A Cup of Jo. If you’ve ever struggled with diets, restrictive eating or just feel confused on what the heck to eat, read this article! 
  3. I Wrote a Pasta Cookbook and It Totally Messed with My Body Image” by Colu Henry (Bon Appetit) – A really interesting story from a writer/cookbook author who created 100 pasta recipes for her first cookbook. 

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