Press Play: Self-love Playlist

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You are enough. You are valuable. You’re broken (we all are!) and it’s beautiful. You are not alone.

We all deserve to hear these messages every single day. So, I encourage you to press play. Play this playlist while you’re getting ready for the day, riding home from work, doing laundry, whenever!

I love that more artists are talking about self love and body love, and I hope this playlist grows to hundreds of songs. So, if you hear one that would be a good addition, leave me a comment or DM me on Instagram. Let’s celebrate and support these voices that have been quiet for way too long.

Above is a video from Lizzo. Not only is her music in general AMAZING but she’s a big proponent of loving yourself. Go, Lizzo!


Amy (@belovedbody)


  1. I also like Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, Rather Be by Jess Glynn … not specifically about the body, but good for being in the moment with yourself!


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