Worth Reading … Amy Schumer ditches her scale, the case for self compassion, and an HGTV star shares her take on bikinis.

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This installment of the Worth-reading Roundup is made up primarily of podcasts. Because, let’s get real. Sometimes it’s way easier to listen to something while folding laundry or driving your car than reading another thing on your device (but thanks for reading this post!) It includes a chat between Oprah and Amy Schumer, a question of whether self compassion is more important than self esteem, plus a blog post from an interior designer who models one-piece swimsuits on a day she’s bloated. (Yes, there’s more to it than that, but just go and read it).

OK, let’s dive in!

  1. Oprah and Amy Schumer: Your Life in Focus Amy Schumer is my new hero! At a Weight Watchers sponsored event, she talks to Oprah about why she doesn’t weigh herself. Dang, I bet WW wasn’t happy about this. Good for you, Amy! This conversation touches on so much more that weight and health. In fact, it’s a lot about IVF, motherhood, being a comedian, etc. It’s definitely worth listening to. Just make sure not to listen in a library because you’ll be laughing out loud.
  2. Is Self Compassion More Important Than Self Esteem? My therapist sent me a link to The Full Bloom Project, an initiative founded by two mothers and psychotherapists who specialize in adolescent eating disorders. Their site is full of research-backed body-positive parenting resources and I’ve just started to dive into some of those resources. Today, I listened to their podcast and really enjoyed this episode on self-esteem vs. self-compassion. As a person who hates doing anything wrong or making mistakes, I need self compassion. Through therapy and church (e.g., reminders that we are people in progress and reminders of God’s grace), I’ve made some strides in my self compassion journey. But it’s something I want to work on more and something I want to teach my child. And if you’re a little cynical and think self-compassion will make you unaccountable, unmotivated, etc., you’re not alone. Listen in to find out how self compassion actually does the opposite.
  3. Active and Modest One Piece Swimsuits That Make Me Feel Good (Plus My Thoughts on the “Bikini Industrial Complex.”) Anyone remember Emily Henderson, the winner of HGTV’s Design Star back in 2010? Well, ten years later, she is still a star. She has an awesome design/style website, is an author and TV host and in this post, she’s got an interesting perspective on swimsuits and our bodies. The post is from last year but it’s just as relevant today. Thanks to Tiff – my cousin and Beloved Body reader – for sharing this article with me!

If you ever find an article on body image/beauty ideals you like, send it my way (comment below or find me on Instagram)

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