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Hi there, friends. Wow. These are some unprecedented times. I know that exercise helps me when I’m anxious (which I’ve been off and on the past few days), so I thought I’d share some free at-home exercise resources in case you might be feeling anxiety or just feel antsy being home so much.

50 Minute Strength & Cardio Class – GRIT

Just the other week, I had the opportunity to teach a livestream GRIT class at Uforia Studios and the replay class is available for you to take wherever and whenever. It’s 50 minutes and a combination of strength and cardio exercises to the beat of the music. If you have weights, grab them. But they’re not critical to the workout.


  • Do Yoga With Me: Contains many free yoga videos and you can select your preferred class length, level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and yoga style
  • Yoga With Adrienne: Free classes on YouTube featuring a variety of styles and some cameo appearances by Adrienne’s dog.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: If you have young kids, this is a must! Through the yoga practice, they share the stories of famous tales like Frozen, Trolls and even Spider-Man. It’s super fun. And you can select the class by it’s length, energy level, etc. Today, my daughter and I put our mats side by side and she did a Cosmic Kids Yoga class and I did a Do Yoga With Me class. Win, win!

Short Excercises

Fitting in a full class at home can feel daunting if you’re working and/or trying to homeschool kids. Or, if you’re like me, maybe you’re just unmotivated to work out IN your house. That’s what these videos are for. They are only two to five minutes of actual exercise. Short enough to squeeze them in, yet effective enough to give you a little boost of energy (and endorphins!) for the day. I’m posting a new video daily on Instagram. Check out the first few below.

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