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For Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ve been sharing on Instagram some powerful podcasts that can help in many areas of life – your emotions/feelings, family, children, etc. I remember years ago hearing people talk about how they loved podcasts, and I didn’t get it. I didn’t know where to begin to find good ones, or when to find time to listen to them. But thanks to people sharing episodes they loved on social media or in conversation, I found really helpful stuff (and listen while doing dishes, on walks, etc)!

So, that’s why I’m sharing these with you … to give you a starting place if you want one (because Apple and Spotify podcast libraries can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for). Also, I’ve created a Beloved Body podcast playlist where you can find the below podcasts plus others I add along the way. They will touch on body image, all aspects of mental health, plus resources for raising kids (e.g., managing technology, growth mindset, social/emotional learning, etc). And if you have a podcast episode you love, please share in the comments or email me.

One quick lesson I’ve learned before we go: you can have podcast self-help burnout. If you are starting to feel like you “should” listen to a podcast vs. “wanting” to listen, take a break. Listen to a comedy podcast, fiction book, music or silence instead. These podcasts are intended to help, not add stress or pressure to your life. If they don’t feel like help, don’t listen. You can always come back to them another day … if you choose.

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