The “Worth-reading Round-up”

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When I debated whether I should start a blog, I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t discovered a new concept. I’m not talking about something that has never been talked about.” Those thoughts were like a little devil on one shoulder making me question myself and my cause. But then, the little angel on my other shoulder, helped me realize there is strength in numbers. The more voices there are advocating for self-love and love of others, the better. It will take many, many positive messages to start to combat the negative messages that inundate our world.

There is strength in numbers.  The more voices there are advocating for health, self-love and love of others, the better.

I want to use my blog as a microphone for some of those other positive voices, which is why I’m starting a “Worth-reading Round-up.” Basically, an aggregation of awesome content written by others.

Below is the first round-up. Thanks to Scott, Tiffany and Lauren for sharing these great reads. If you find an article that you think should be in a future round-up, please send my way at

Worth-reading Round-Up

  1.  Facebook post from Annick Rbsn. This has been shared and picked up a lot of places but even if you’ve read it, it’s worth re-reading. There are so many quotes I’d love to plaster on billboards and in magazines. Which one is your favorite?
  2. “Mommy, Do You Want to Be Skinny?” – by Regan Long of “The Real Deal of Parenting” (via The Huffington Post)
  3. “My Before & After” – by Health Habits Happy Moms. You have to read the full thing. The photo is not what you think!

Thoughts on the articles?



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