Eat Too Much Over the Holidays? Leave Your Guilt in 2016.

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Gingerbread HouseHappy New Year!

The past week as people have started to transition from the holidays season into 2017, I’ve seen multiple social media posts referencing traumatic weigh-in experiences. Reports of tears after stepping on the scale … the cookies, cakes and cocktails have added up.

I get it. I overindulged. My clothes are feelings a little tighter too. Anyone else in the same boat?

Instead of dwelling on or feeling guilty about the past few weeks of overindulgence, let’s try to change our focus. Here’s a few things I’m trying to do and you could too:

  • Try to be thankful for the opportunity to enjoy delicious foods and drinks over the holidays with friends and family. Don’t cancel out or negate the enjoyment of partaking in something decadent by feeling guilty or dwelling on eating so much of it. Give thanks and enjoy.
  • DON’T step on the scale. There have been many times throughout my life where the number on the scale ruined or made my day. I don’t want the scale to have that sort of power. My actions and interactions with others should be the things that determine how my day goes – not a number. For me, it works better to use my clothes to gauge if I’m eating an appropriate amount of food. I only weigh myself probably once every 2-3 months nowadays. Figure out what works for you, but no matter what, remember that the number on the scale does not represent your worth.
  • Shift our focus to eating healthfully (with unhealthy foods in moderation) and exercising so our bodies are fueled and able to live the type of lives we want to live in 2017.

Leave the guilt behind in 2016. Bring on health and happiness in 2017!


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