How Did It Go? (BBWC #4: A Moment for Your Mind)

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“Hands hurt, but happy mind.” – Loved this text message and photo I received from my friend Jessica.

Happy Monday! How did BBWC #4 last week go for you?

I issue these Beloved Body Wellness Challenges because I want to help others become healthier, but it’s to challenge myself as well. And, man, BBWC #4 was a challenge! Monday night, I forced myself to color in my meditation coloring book for like eight whole minutes. While I colored, I thought about the things I was thankful for from that day … and how my hand was hurting. I realized I rarely write anymore thanks to texting and typing so my hand got a workout! Tuesday, I did nada, zilch, zero. Wednesday, Scott was out of town and when that’s the case, I usually eat my dinner in front of the TV. So, instead of that, I ate my dinner in silence at the dinner table. What a novel concept, huh? I also used part of that time to think about what I was thankful for from the day. I’m finding that when I think through my day, there is a lot to be thankful for. Like being able to grab coffee with my new friend Karen and a physical therapy session that is helping my shoulder get better. Thursday, I did nada, zilch, zero. Friday, I finally did a meditation session from the app, Calm, and I really enjoyed it. Though I have to admit that the first few minutes all I was thinking was, “When is this going to be over?” And tonight, I colored some more (thanks to inspiration from Jessica and Alex’s coloring masterpieces – see photos).

Although the wellness challenges usually last a week, I’m going to try to keep this one going indefinitely. Our minds, which go a million miles a minute, deserve a break. We all deserve to be calm, less anxious, and happier in the moment. But as with most things in life, we’re going to have to make our mind, our being, our health a priority and we’re going to have to make an effort.


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Alex's work of meditation art
Alex’s work of meditation art



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  1. I did some deep breathing and focused relaxation at a nice quiet spot in my office. It definitely helped me refocus my energy for the rest of the day, and have a nice reset

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